Division/Department:     Asset Management

Location:                      VCBF – HCM/HN Office

Job Title:                      Fixed Income Senior Investment Officer

Reports to:                   Portfolio Managers

Type of position:           Full-time


Key responsibilities include sourcing, structuring, executing and monitoring fixed income investments for VCBF’s funds and managed accounts.


  • Government Bond Investments (Priority)
  • Identify investment opportunities in Vietnam Government Bond market to make buy and sell recommendations
  • Coordinate with Operation Team to execute the buy and sell decisions of Investment Committee/Portfolio Managers
  • Conduct fundamental research and analysis of relevant macroeconomic indicators, market liquidity and potential policy response
  • Develop and update sets of indicators that drive fixed income returns
  • Keep abreast of fiscal and monetary policies of Vietnam and global developments which might affect interest rates of Government Bonds in Vietnam.
  • Corporate Bond Investments
  • Search for opportunities to invest in corporate bonds in both primary and secondary markets, specifically:
  • Develop and update a database of corporates, which form investible universe for the funds and accounts under VCBF’s management
  • Visit corporates in VCBF’s investible universe to get updates on their capital needs and identify potential investment opportunities
  • Regularly communicate with securities companies and credit institutions to get updates on upcoming bond issues
  • Conduct credit analysis of investment opportunities and structure the investments
  • Prepare investment proposals to Head of Research/Portfolio Managers with recommendation to buy or sell a corporate bond
  • Coordinate with Operation Team to execute the investments
  • Conduct post-investment monitoring and prepare periodic reports on the investments.
  • Fixed Income Market Research
  • Update the database of Government bond and Government backed bond markets
  • Update the database of corporate bonds’ issues
  • Update legislations governing the fixed income markets
  • Produce periodic fixed income research reports for both VCBF’s clients and internal use.
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Assist Portfolio Managers in analyzing performance of fixed income portfolios
  • Assist Portfolio Managers in serving requests from clients with regards to fixed income investments.


  • Bachelor Degree in Economics/Finance/Banking
  • Minimum four years’ experience in relevant positions at credit institutions, fund management or securities companies
  • Strong connections with Treasury Departments of banks, Investment Departments of other market participants
  • Sound knowledge of sources of returns of fixed income investments
  • Familiar with trading mechanism of Government bonds in Vietnam
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • Master Degree in Finance/Banking/Economics and/or CFA Level 2 get bonus points.
  • If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and your cover letter to with the subject:[Applied Position] - [Place of work] - [Applicant Full name]
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