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As one of the earliest fund management companies established in the market (2005), VCBF has a unique advantage that is a great combination of the leading position of Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) in the domestic market and global asset management capabilities of one of the world's leading fund management groups, Franklin Templeton Investment (FTI).

Vietcombank holds 51% of capital in VCBF, which is considered a leading high-end bank in Vietnam with a reputation for asset quality, management capacity and a key role in the Vietnamese banking industry.

Meanwhile, FTI, a partner holding 49% of capital at VCBF, is one of the largest asset management corporations globally, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock code: BEN), FTI’s Head Office is located in San Mateo, California, USA, with over 75 years of investment experience. FTI currently has offices in 30 countries, managing over 1,300 billion USD for customers in 155 countries.

VCBF is managing more than $225.7 million (As of March 31, 2024) for both institutional and individual clients. After 19 years of operation, VCBF has become a trusted portfolio management partner for many large organizations such as AIA Life Insurance Company Limited (Vietnam), FWD Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited Nam, Hanwha Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited, Vietnam National Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation and Petrolimex Insurance Joint Stock Corporation.

Along with that, VCBF is also managing assets for more than 20,000 investors through 04 open-ended funds: VCBF Blue Chip Fund (VCBF-BCF), VCBF Fixed Income Fund (VCBF-TBF), VCBF Tactical Balanced Fund (VCBF-FIFand VCBF Midcap Growth Fund (VCBF-MGF). VCBF's open-ended funds maintain outstanding investment results over the years, often among the market-leading funds in terms of investment results. Last year, VCBF also officially launched 02 VCBF Pension Funds. VCBF will continue to launch new funds in the near future to diversify the range of investment products for all customers.

VCBF always puts customers' interests first in all activities. Integrity, transparency, discipline and thoroughness in each investment decision are the key points that help VCBF steadily endure market fluctuations, helping to create the trust of leading financial institutions and more than 20,000 customers. customers with VCBF for the past 18 years.

VCBF was voted the Best Asset Management Company of the Decade in Vietnam in 2020 (Global Banking and Finance Review (GBAF) Magazine), Best Investment Fund Management Company in Vietnam in 2020 & 2021 (International Finance Magazine & Finance Derivative Magazine), Best Investment Fund Management Company in Vietnam in 2018 (Global Business Outlook Magazine and Global Brands Magazine), Best Investment Fund Management Company in Vietnam in 2017 (International Finance Magazine) and Best Investment Fund Management Company in Vietnam in 2013 (World Finance Magazine).



Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam ("Vietcombank")

Vietcombank holds 51% of capital in VCBF and is considered the leading bank in Vietnam in many areas of operation based on its strong financial capacity and leadership in the Vietnamese banking system. This is the fourth largest bank in terms of total assets of nearly 72.1 billion USD (1.73 million VND) as of September 30, 2023.

After more than half a century of operation in the market, Vietcombank is now one of the largest commercial banks in Vietnam. Vietcombank is the leader in banking activities for businesses, working capital loans, international payments and credit card services. Vietcombank is regularly recognized as the best-managed and most transparent bank in Vietnam, so it is in a good position, especially in difficult market conditions.

Vietcombank is also the leading bank among credit institutions in Vietnam - Top 500 Leading Banks in the world according to The Banker Magazine in 2022; The only Vietnamese bank in the Top 30 Strongest Banks in the Asia-Pacific region according to The Asian Banker's assessment; is the only representative of Vietnam to be in the Top 1000 largest listed enterprises globally (ranked 950) by Forbes Magazine. 

One of Vietcombank's strengths is its extensive branch network with nearly 600 branches/offices and more than 22,599 employees, providing the bank with coverage throughout Vietnam. Banking activities are also supported by a network of 1,163 agent banks in 93 countries and territories around the world. Currently, Vietcombank is listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HOSE”) with the listing code “VCB” and has a capitalization of 18.3 billion USD (as of December 31, 2023).

In 2023, Vietcombank continued to be in the "List of 50 best listed companies" announced by Forbes Vietnam magazine. This is the 11th consecutive time Vietcombank has been on the list since Forbes Vietnam officially conducted this voting in Vietnam.

According to the consolidated financial reports of listed companies, the No. 1 position in profit after tax in 2023 belongs to Vietcombank (33,054 billion VND).


Franklin Templeton Investments ("FTI")

Franklin Resources, Inc. [NYSE:BEN] is a globally active investment management group commonly known as Franklin Templeton Investments (“FTI”). FTI holds 49% of capital in VCBF.

FTI's goal is to deliver outstanding results for investors by providing domestic and global investment management services to individuals, organizations and government investment funds in more than 170 countries. With dedicated teams, the group has extensive experience across all asset classes including equities, fixed income, alternative and bespoke investment solutions. FTI has more than 1,300 investment professionals supported by teams of risk management experts and trading networks across the globe. With staff in more than 25 countries, the California-based group has more than 75 years of investment experience and is managing total assets of more than $1.43 trillion as of June 30, 2023.

Among FTI's more than 80 foreign funds, there are more than 55 funds rated four and five stars by Morningstar as of November 2023. 

The multi-fund manager structure enables FTI to provide specialized investment services across key asset classes and different investment approaches supported by a global platform. Therefore, FTI offers investors real investment diversification opportunities with “the experience of the majority with identical strengths”.

FTI has a wide presence in Asia and is one of the first foreign investment funds in Vietnam. FTI established Templeton Vietnam Opportunities Fund, Inc., a closed-end fund listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the mid-1990s. FTI became a joint venture partner with Vietcombank at VCBF in 2008.

FTI effectively supports VCBF through sharing experience, investment knowledge and professional management expertise in many different fields.


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