Working at Vietcombank Fund Management

Vietcombank Fund Management offers challenging opportunities for highly motivated people looking to work in the investment industry in Vietnam. Required are an inquisitive mind, a desire to meet the high industry standards of professionalism and integrity, and the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Vietnamese. A recognized university degree, numeric skills or a sound understanding of accounting is helpful, but not necessarily a prerequisite.

Vietcombank Fund Management has an integrated team of investment professionals and support staff. Each staff member is expected to take responsibility and fulfill their role competently and reliably and to work pro-actively with clients, service providers and/or other team members. A challenge is always to find such solutions or new opportunities that are in the best interest of the clients and thereby serve the company best in the medium to long-term.

As the performance of the staff is critical to the success of the company, Vietcombank Fund Management values its staff and their individual and collective contributions. The goals and performance of all staff are recognized in annual staff appraisals. Staff members are encouraged, and where appropriate, supported in developing and broadening their skills.

Vietcombank Fund Management is an equal-opportunities employer.

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