Benefits of Open-ended Funds


High return in Long-term
  • Open-ended fund can capture the generally higher returns of equities as an asset class evidenced historically in many other countries over the long-term.
  • Open-ended fund can nevigate cycles of the securities market over the long-term.
Professional Management
  • Open-ended funds offer investors access to full time, professional investment managers who have the expertise, experience and resource to actively buy, sell, and monitor investment for the investors.
  • Many open-ended funds are part of a "family of funds", so that you can change to different funds as your investment objectives change.
  • Switching from one fund to another in the same family at little or no cost.
  • Initial investments in most funds are reasonable.
  • VND 100.000 are required for initial investments and only VND 100.000 for subsequent or regular monthly investments.
  • In case of an emergency requiring the investor to use funds, it's easy and quick to withdraw some or all of the money you've invested.
  • Open-ended fund usually holds stocks representing different companies, different industries. This diversification can help reduce risk inherent in investing.


Video Benefits of Open-ended Funds

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