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  • VCBF PREMIER is an investment portfolio which is customized for each investor.
  • VCBF PREMIER is invested in selected bonds and stocks depending on financial goals and risk appetite of investors.
Investors can select either a fixed rate or a flexible benchmark such as a savings interest rate or VN-Index, VN-100.
  • VCBF’s investment team regularly analyzes companies rigorously and in detail using a bottom-up approach. This is a unique investment strategy used by VCBF in Vietnam and proven over many years by our parent corporation, Franklin Templeton Investments.
  • VCBF focuses on companies with the following characteristics:

    • Outstanding management team: clear and good development strategies.
    • Leading companies in industries.
    • Strong financial and business scale.
    • Sustainable profitability and cash flow growth.
    • High dividend.
High return in long term:
  • VCBF PREMIER is a new investment channel that gives you the opportunity to increase your assets over the long-term.
Peace of mind:
  • Your portfolio is professionally managed by the experienced investment team.
  • Securities with outstanding growth potential in the long term are carefully selected after extensive analysis of VCBF’s investment team.
  • You have the right to choose a bank to keep your principal.
  • Your assets are held and protected separately at a custody bank.
  • Investment strategy and asset allocation are tailored to the needs and risk tolerance of each investor.
  • Investment principal can be transferred in several installments over a certain period of time.
  • Portfolio management is transparent. Investors can always keep track of investment of the portfolio.
  • The custodian bank calculates the value of each portfolio every week.
Premium services:
  • Individual customized investment portfolio managed and maintained for each selected client.
  • Detailed investment reports are sent weekly and monthly.
  • Performance evaluation and investment strategy reports are sent quarterly.
  • Individual investment advice if market conditions become adverse and a change in the investment strategy is to be considered.
  • Minimum investment amount: VND 10 billion
  • Flexibility in increasing principal and redemption (management fee will be charged in case of redemption)
  • Recommended time horizon: 2 years
  • No fee for opening/closing portfolio.
  • Management fee, custody fee, trading fee: competitive.
  • Incentive fee if actual return is over the benchmark.

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