1. Accepted Orders

Either Accepted Subscription Order or Accepted Redemption Orders or Accepted Switching Orders or Accepted Transfer Orders individually or Accepted Subscription Orders and Accepted Redemption Orders and Accepted Switching Orders and Accepted Transfer Orders collectively.

2. Accepted Redemption Orders

Redemption orders from Unitholders that are accepted for execution after the number of Fund Units to be redeemed has been confirmed as held by such Unitholders.

3. Accepted Subscription Orders

Subscription orders from investors that are accepted for execution after the subscription documents have been accepted and receipt of full payment has been confirmed.

4. Accepted Switching Orders

Switching orders from Unitholders that are accepted for execution after the number of Fund Units to be redeemed has been confirmed as held by such Unitholders.

5. Accepted Transfer Orders

Transfer orders from Unitholders that are accepted for execution.

6. AML

Anti-money laundering.

7. Application Form

The form to apply for an initial subscription or subsequent transaction of Fund Units.

8. Business Day

A day on which the stock exchanges in Vietnam are open for business.

9. Charter

The document provides the governing rules and regulations for the Fund.

10. Charter Capital

The total capital of the Fund paid up by all investors in the initial public offering.

11. Cut-off time

The point of time before which orders received can be executed on the Trading Day.

12. Distribution Agents

Agents authorised to accept transaction orders for Fund Units from investors.

13. DPP

Dividend Payout Plan (“DDP”): Unitholders wish to receive cash dividend.

14. DRIP

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”): Unitholders wishing to reinvest dividend payments will receive additional units of the Fund.

15. Financial Year

A 12 (twelve) month period starting on 1 January and ending on 31 December of a calendar year. The first financial year shall be from the day on which the certificate for registration of establishment of a Fund is issued by the SSC to the end of 31 December of such year, unless the remaining period of the first financial year is under 3 (three) months, in which case the first financial year shall end on 31 December of the following calendar year.

16. Fund Certificates

The securities issued by VCBF on behalf of the Fund in the form of book-keeping entries, which evidence the legal rights of Unitholders to the Fund’s assets or capital in proportion to the number of Fund Units held by such Unitholders.

17. Fund Dividend

 Profits of the Fund distributed in proportion to the Fund Units held by the Unitholders and approved by the Investors General Meeting.

18. Fund Representative Board

The board elected by the Investors General Meeting to represent Unitholders of the Fund.  

19. Fund Units or Units

The unit of ownership of a Fund's capital bearing the holder one vote.

20. HNX

Hanoi Stock Exchange.

21. HSX

Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.

22. IPO

The first offering of Fund Units of that Fund for subscription to the public.

23. KYC


24. Investors General Meeting

A meeting of the Unitholders of the Funds held on a regular or extraordinary manner to approve such matters of the Fund which requires a decision of the Unitholders. The Investors General Meeting is the highest authority of the Fund.

25. Net Asset Value or NAV

The total value of the assets held by a Fund minus its liabilities for a Fund on a Valuation Day.

26. Official Transaction Acceptance Points

Head offices of Distribution Agents and their branches, transaction offices or representative offices that are authorised to accept transaction orders.

27. Prospectus

The document provides accurate, truthful and objective information of the Fund and information about the offerings and transactions of the Fund’s Certificates.

28. Record Date

The date on which the Unitholders recorded in the Register are considered eligible for attendance at an Investors General Meeting, for dividend payments and other Fund actions.

29. Redemption Order

An order of a Unitholder that the Fund redeem some or all of its owned Units

30. Register

The document providing details of every Unitholder of the Fund.

31. Systematic Investment Plan (“SIP”)

A systematic investment plan, which is a plan to make investments in Funds at a regular frequency.

32. Subscription Order

An order of an investor to buy Units of the Fund

33. Supervisory Bank

The bank providing the services of safekeeping and custody of securities; verifying the Fund’s legal assets, economic contracts, and other documents in relation to the Fund’s assets; supervising the Fund’s operations, and monitoring the asset management activities related to the Fund conducted by the Manager.

34. Switching Order

An order of a Unitholder to redeem some or all of the Units of one Fund to buy Units of another Fund

35. Trading Day

A Business Day on which the Manager, on behalf of a Fund, issues, redeems, switches and/or transfers Fund Certificates.

36. Transfer Agent

The Manager or a service provider authorized by the Manager to maintain the Register.

37. Transfer Order

means an order of a Unitholder to transfer the ownership of a specified number of Units to another investor as gifts or inherited or by court order

38. Unitholder

An investor registered as owner of Units in the Register.

39. Valuation Day

A day on which the NAV of a Fund is calculated as specified in the Prospectus.

40. VN Index

The index of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HSX”).

41. VN100 Index

The index of 100 (one hundred) largest market capitalization and high liquidity stocks on the HSX.


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