As of 16 May 2024

Inception date 24/12/2013
License number 07/GCN-UBCK
Supervisory bank Standard Chartered Bank
Auditor Ernst & Young
Profit distributions N/A
Net Asset Value     297,133,658,291 VND

NAV/unit 30,991.58
NAV change since last period  
YTD Total Return at NAV  
Highest NAV/ unit (52w) 210,441.92
Lowest NAV/ unit (52w) 15,912.72
Number of outstanding units 9,587,559.61
% of foreign ownership * 32.98%
Distribution rate at NAV * N/A
Expense ratio and Turnover rate

Operating expense rate (%) * 1.99%
Portfolio turnover rate (%) * 24.13%
 Portfolio Positions * 35
(*) Update on 16 May 2024


The fund has flexibility in asset allocation taking either defensive or aggressive postures depending on opportunities available at various points in time. Under normal market conditions, the fund will invest 50% of its NAV in equity and 50% in high quality fixed income assets.


Investment objectives

The fund seeks long-term total return via growth of capital and current income.


Investment strategy

The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of listed common stocks, primarily in stocks with large market capitalization and Vietnam Government bonds, municipal bonds or bonds guaranteed by the Government or high quality listed corporate bonds.


The fund actively seeks an optimal mix of equity and fixed income by evaluating risk and return of investment opportunities across the asset classes.

The fund follows a blend of value and growth style of equity investing and follows a bottom-up approach to stock-picking by valuing fundamentals of the companies.



The fund offers a broad diversification and balanced exposure to the asset classes, making it attractive as a solid core holding in an investor’s portfolio.


The fund benefits from a flexible asset allocation strategy when economic conditions change.

VCBF Tactical Balanced Fund is an open-ended fund. You can read more about benefits of an open-ended fund in “Benefits of OEFs” item on menu “Open-end funds”.

Portfolio Details  

As of 31 March 2024

danh muc vcbf
Asset Mix  
Equity 67.3%
Fixed income 


Cash and Others 8.8%
Industry Breakdown
Financials 38.2% danh muc vcbf
Industrials 11.7%

Real Estate

Information Technology 10.1%
Consumer Discretionary 9.7%
Not Classified 4.7%
Materials 4.6%
Consumer Staples 3.6%
Energy 3.3%
Utilities 3.2%
Top 05 holdings

Company short name % of NAV
Bond of Masan MEATLife (MML121021)


FPT Corp (FPT)


Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBB) 5.6%
Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial JS Bank (STB) 5.4%
Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG)




  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga, MCom, CFA, 24 years of investment and audit experience.
  • Ms. Dương Kim Anh, Master of Economics in Banking & Finance, 23 years of investment and investment consulting experience. 
  • Mr. Nguyen Trieu Vinh, CFA, 20 years of investment and audit experience.

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