As of 31 October 2018

Inception date 08/22/2014
License number 13/GCN-UBCK
Supervisory bank Standard Chartered Bank
Auditor N/A
Distributors SSI, VCB, VCBS
Profit distributions N/A
Net Asset Value VND  538,584,981,595 

NAV per Fund unit  18,029.80 
NAV change since last month -9.13%
YTD Total Return at NAV -6.88%
Highest NAV per unit (within 52 weeks) 20,801.57
Lowest NAV per unit (within 52 weeks) 17,048.45 
Number of outstanding units 29,871,930.64 
% of foreign ownership 8.88%
Distribution rate at NAV N/A


Expense ratio and Turnover rate

Operating expense rate (%) 2.39%
Portfolio turnover rate (%) 70.98%


VCBF Blue Chip Fund (“VCBF-BCF”) is an open-ended fund which invests up to 100% of its Net Asset Value in listed equities with large market capitalization and good liquidity.


Investment objectives

The investment objective of the Fund is primarily to provide medium to long term capital appreciation.


Investment strategy

The Fund will primarily invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HSX”) and the Ha Noi Stock Exchange (“HNX”) which have a large market capitalization and are liquid. Stocks with large market capitalization are considered as those with market capitalization larger than the hundredth largest stock listed on the HSX.

The Fund follows a blend of value and growth style of investing.

The Fund will follow a bottom-up approach to selecting stocks for investment, focusing on the individual attributes of a company, and choosing companies across sectors.


The Fund gives you the opportunity to increase long-term returns through investment in a diversified portfolio of companies that are considered to be the best in their industry, i.e. Blue Chips. These companies typically have good growth prospects, have good management teams and are priced reasonably or undervalued.

VCBF Tactical Balanced Fund is an open-ended fund. You can read more about benefits of an open-ended fund in "Benefits of OEFs" item on menu “Open-end funds”.

What type of investors is the fund suitable for?

VCBF Blue Chip Fund focuses on generating long-tern returns from investments in large cap companies, hence could be considered as a core equity portfolio for all type of investors with an investment horizon of 3-5 years or longer.


Portfolio Statistics  
As of 31 October 2018
Net Asset Value VND 585,588,228,061 
Portfolio turnover rate


Portfolio Positions
Total positions 41
Portfolio Details
As of 31 October 2018
Asset Mix  
Equity 99.44%


Industry Breakdown
Industrial Goods & Services 15.9%  


Food & Beverage


Construction & Materials  9.5%  
Telecommunications 7.5%  
Health Care 6.9%  
Utilities 5.1%  
Agriculture 4.9%  
Automobiles & Parts 4.3%  
Oil & Gas 3.9%  


Personal & Household Goods 3.5%  
Technology 3.3%  
Financial Services 1.6%  
Chemicals 1.6%  
Real Estate 1.2%  
Insurance 0.4%  
Goods and service 0.1%  
Top 05 holdings

Company short name % of NAV
Vietnam Diary Products (VNM)  


Military Bank JSB (MBB)

Viconship (VSC)   6.1%
FPT Corporation (FPT)   5.3%
PV Power (POW)   4.3%
Total   29.4%


  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga, MCom, CFA, 17 years of investment and audit experience.
  • Ms. Dương Kim Anh, Master of Economics in Banking & Finance, 17 years of investment and investment consulting experience. 


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