Risk disclosure


(Applied for Online Trading Services of Vietcombank Fund Management)

Vietcombank Fund Management (VCBF) would like to welcome and thank you for using our Online Trading Services.

VCBF may, at its sole discretion or at any time, modify or supply or replace a part of the Risk Disclosure Statement for Online Trading Services (hereinafter referred to as Risk Disclosure Statement). The Risk Disclosure Statement will be effective immediately upon publication on the website of VCBF.

Investors, who use the Online Trading Services provided by VCBF from time to time, are required to read carefully, understand and accept the contents and risks arising from the Online Trading Services as stated in this Risk Disclosure Statement, which are as follows:


When using the Online Trading Services, the Investor acknowledges that the Online Trading Services have risks and commits to accept all risks, damages or losses as a result of these risks. The  risks include but are not limited to:

1. Computer system, Online Trading system, Investor's phone is damaged, attacked by virus, hacked, which could result in the disclosure or loss of information about Investor’s transactions or accounts of Investor is used unlawfully by a third party.

2. Incidents from the Internet connection caused by the service provider such as: transmission line termination, limited line capacity or similar incidents that may affect Online Transactions of Investor such as Online Transaction cannot be transferred to VCBF's system (Investor's order may be suspended / stopped / delayed or data error), Investor cannot access the system of VCBF.

3. Market prices and information relating to Online Trading may be incorrect, misleading or Investor identification may be inaccurate because of unintended circumstances.

4. Computer system, Online Trading system, telephone system cannot work or work with improper functions because of power failure, hacked attack, virus infection or incidents out of control, which leads to the inability to process or execute online transactions of Investors.

5. Online Trading conducted by the Investor will be processed and executed automatically as soon as transmitted to the system of VCBF. Therefore, the transactions, which have been sent by Investor, can be irrevocable and create an immediate payment obligation for Investor.

6. Technical risks regarding to verified code in placing orders of Investor.


1. Except in the case of VCBF's fault, VCBF confirms that all Online Trading of Investor sent to VCBF is correct and executed by the Investor itself. Therefore, any opinion that is considered to be mistaken or error related to the transaction of the Investor is not accepted. Therefore, VCBF will not be liable for any losses arising from transactions made by the Investor at VCBF.

2. Investor is responsible for confidentiality and may not allow others to possess or manipulate the relevant information to serve the Online Trading Service. VCBF will not be liable for any claims, losses or damages arising from or in connection with all Online Trading made at Investor's fault relating to the confidentiality of the information.

3. VCBF is not liable for any errors or damages arising from delay, inaccurate or inaccurate information provided by the Investor resulting in the inability to use the Online Trading Service.

4. VCBF is not liable for any errors or damages arising from any technique, data processing, telecommunication, force majeure event or any incidents out of control or as a result of fraud, forgery or any third party's fault, including its partners and/or service providers in providing the Online Trading Service.


VCBF commits to provide our Investors with the best services and minimize the risk of technical problems.

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