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The Research Analyst will provide research coverage for assigned industries and countries while analyzing and recommending securities to purchase, sell or hold. Working as a member of Research Team under the Asset Management Division, the Research Analyst will report to Head of Research and required to keep Portfolio Managers updated and aware of any news which may impact a holding that falls within their area of coverage industry, and support portfolio managers in making sound investment decisions.



  • Perform company research, valuation and fundamental analysis using different methods for different industries, prepare and present investment proposal to Research Team/Portfolio Managers/Investment Committee.
  • Provide written and oral presentations of investment recommendations or forecasts to the team while keeping the team updated on a regular basis of any changes to the recommendations or forecasts.
  • Read and interpret financial statements, broker reports, and other pertinent sources of investment information Compile data from multiple sources and develop detailed financial models on covered companies.
  • Analyze economic developments, monitor trends in the various sectors of the economy, and provide forecasts of changes in business conditions and relationships;
  • Maintain a general knowledge of Vietnam’s investment climate, market conditions and economic environment.
  • Be responsible for on-going monitoring covered companies (all news, announcement related to covered companies and possible impacts), update company performance on quarterly basis.
  • Provide recommendations to Portfolio Managers on investment/divestment target price and timing.
  • Respond to queries of Portfolio Managers about company’s information/performance in a timely manner.
  • Analyze and report on significant changes in macroeconomic factors that may impact companies/sector performance.
  • Establish, develop and maintain good relationship with investee and potential investee companies, with market participants (brokerage firms, other fund managers…).
  • Provide investment idea and sourcing investment deals.
  • Other tasks as required by the Company.  


  • Two years (02) experience in the investment field.
  • Solid understanding of equity markets.
  • Ability to analyze business and build detailed financial models.
  • Fluent in English and Vietnamese.

CV send to:

Mr. Linh Nguyễn - Head of Research
Email: linhnguyen@vcbf.com

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