Investment behaviour

To understand the advantages of investing in long-term OEFS, the market's emotional roller coaster indicates the characteristics of how to maintain discipline which we believe is key long-term success. These are:

  • Enthusiasm, as the market rises in the upward cycle, leading to exhilaration, the market having reached a new plateau defying previous fundamentals, as the market peak;
  • Exhilaration, as the market enters the downward cycle, the market under temporary correction and just pausing as some profits are taken;
  • Denial, as the market trend continues downward, turning to fear and regret that no exit was made in-the-money, and panic as the correction endures;
  • Hope, as the market begins to recover, turning to relief as the market continues on its upward cycle, and conviction to exit as soon as principal is recovered;
  • Relief, on whether to exit or not as the recovery continues, timid purchases turning to excitement as the market rises in the upward cycle.


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